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Winter Arena Soccer 2016

Thank you players of San Marcos and surrounding areas. 

Our Soccer Winter Arena Season for players ages 4 – 18 has been sold out.

Registration is now closed.

This six-week season begins February 6th and runs through March 12th.

We will be opening up our spring arena soon and we will send out a notice, but space will be limited, so don't delay once we open the Spring Arena!

End of Season Updates

Congratulations to our Regular Season and Playoff Champions!  We hope you had fun and will remember your season for years to come.

Regular Season Champions:

 U10 Boys - Green 

 Sting Rays 

 U10 Boys - White 

 Zebra Sharks
 U12 Boys


 U14 Boys

 Red Bulls

 U10 Girls - Green


 U10 Girls - White

 San Dollars

 U12 Girls


 U14 Girls


Playoff Champions/Finalist:

 U10 Boys - Gold

 Stingrays - 1st Place

 Zebra Sharks - 2nd Place 

 U10 Boys - Silver

 Tiger Sharks - 1st Place

 Bat Rays - 2nd Place

 U10 Boys - Bronze 

 Saw Sharks - 1st Place

 Thresher Sharks - 2nd Place

 U12 Boys

 Tsunami - 1st Place

 Cyclones - 2nd Place

 U14 Boys

 Union - 1st Place

 Dynamo - 2nd Place

 U10 Girls - Gold

 Sand Dollars - 1st Place

 Sea Horses - 2nd Place

 U10 Girls - Silver

 Jelly Fish - 1st Place

 Star Fish - 2nd Place

 U10 Girls - Bronze

 Manatees - 1st Place

 Electric Eels - 2nd Place

 U12 Girls

 Sapphires - 1st Place

 Diamonds - 2nd Place

 U14 Girls

 Heat - 1st Place

 Fusion - 2nd Place





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