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Director of Sponsorship & Marketing

The Director of Sponsorship and Marketing will be the liaison and promote the SMYS mission statement to organizations that sponsor SMYS and public relations to include the media.  He will connect SMYS teams with our partners and sponsors in the community.  SMYS encourages communication and cooperation between parents, coaches, referees, SMYS board members and our partners in the community to ensure that youth receive the best possible physical, mental, and social sports education.

The Director of Sponsorship and Marketing will compose articles and editorials for submission, along with photographs, to the media to include but not limited to local newspapers, Cal South, and the television media.  Articles to include about soccer training, coach training, referee training, and other CAL SOUTH sponsored soccer events, including core and arena games.

He will provide monthly reports to the Board of Directors on upcoming media events and a financial report on sponsorships acquired.





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