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Director of Competitive Programs

The Director of Competitive Programs shall be the liaison between the Competitive Programs committee, Cal South gaming circuits, Presidio League and SMYS. He shall submit a recommendation to establish, revise and/or amend the Rules and Regulations of the Competitive Programs committee. He shall bring before the Board of Directors for approval all recommendations regarding coaches, team managers, trainers and any other subjects already approved by the Competitive Programs committee. He shall communicate the objectives of the SMYS program to the Members and work in “good faith” with the coaches and players of the recreational and Signature League programs to support the development of SMYS players and coaches thus improving their knowledge and skills as it relates to the game of soccer.

He shall present, as required by the Board of Directors, a financial report on every team of the Competitive Play committee. This report shall be presented to the Board of Directors at a Regular Meeting in June or July. He shall be elected by members of a Competitive Play committee and approved by the Board of Directors of the Corporation at the first Regular Meeting following the AGM.





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