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San Marcos Youth Soccer
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San Marcos, CA 92079
Tel: 760-621-0454
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Things to remember

  • All teams are responsible for trash and clean‐up after each use
  • Please adhere to the “FIELDS CLOSED” signs when posted
  • Do not practice on fields that are too wet or saturated
  • Please use the minimum amount of field space possible – make room for your neighbors
  • Older teams please be aware of younger teams practicing nearby
  • Please call (760) 459‐7697 if you encounter non‐SMYS teams on practice fields
  • Do not practice on any fields not listed above. SMYS’ insurance does not cover members on private/community parks and facilities

Take Care of Our Parks!

Respect and Protect

Download School Permits

Richland Elementary

Knob Hill


San Marcos Middle School


Recreation Practice Fields

Allocated Practice Fields

Field Days Times

Walnut Grove North

Walnut Grove South

Mon / Wed / Fri

Friday Only

4:00PM to Dusk

Las Posas(Upper Fields)

Las Posas (Stadium)

Tues / Thurs

Thurs Only

4:00PM to Dusk

Knob Hill, Richland,

Alvin Dunn, Twin Oaks,

Paloma, *Jolie Ann

Mon / Wed / Fri

5:00PM – Dusk

* no Mondays at Joli Ann


Sunset Calendars:

Please know TWI is the listed on calendars below is the Civil Twilight,
Civil twilight is defined when the sun is 6 degrees below the horizon.
In the morning this is known as dawn, in the evening it is called dusk

August | September | October | November | December | January - 2017

division layout wg north

division layout wg south

division layout las posas






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