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San Marcos Youth Soccer
P.O. Box 627 
San Marcos, CA 92079
Tel: 760-621-0454
Fax: 760-621-0462

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Recreation Practice Fields

Allocated Practice Fields

Field Days Times

Walnut Grove North

Walnut Grove South

Mon / Wed / Fri

Friday Only

4:00PM to Dusk

Las Posas(Upper Fields)

Las Posas (Stadium)

Tues / Thurs

Thurs Only

4:00PM to Dusk

Knob Hill, Richland,

Alvin Dunn, Twin Oaks,

Paloma, *Jolie Ann

Mon / Wed / Fri

5:00PM – Dusk

* no Mondays at Joli Ann


Sunset Calendars:

Please know TWI is the listed on calendars below is the Civil Twilight,
Civil twilight is defined when the sun is 6 degrees below the horizon.
In the morning this is known as dawn, in the evening it is called dusk

August | September | October | November | December | January - 2017

division layout wg north

division layout wg south

division layout las posas





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