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What to practice against a wall

Question: What are the most effective exercises that can be done with a ball and a wall?

Answer: The wall is most helpful with drills for ball control and kicking. It is important to execute these drills rhythmically and without interruption (25-50 repetitions).


1. This is your basic kick and trap exercise where you strike the ball against the wall and control it as it comes back. Concentrate on settling the ball with one clean touch. As you get comfortable, start hitting the ball harder and harder. If this seems too easy for you, start checking to the ball instead of waiting for it to arrive. You can repeat this exercise with different surfaces of your body.

2. When the ball deflects off the wall, run to it and turn 90 degrees. Dribble for a few meters and head back to your starting position. 


3. This drill will teach you how to settle the ball as it comes from the side. It's also a good simulation of the wall pass.


4. Hit the ball against the wall and swiftly turn with it 180 degrees (as explained in "How to sharply turn with the ball.") Get used to moving towards the oncoming ball instead of waiting for it to arrive. Working on these exercises should never feel too easy so make sure to experiment with lofted, bouncing and skipping balls.


5. Repeatedly strike the ball against the wall without trapping it. Concentrate on hitting one particular spot on the wall. This must be done in a composed fashion without contorting your body or losing your balance.


6. Play the ball against the wall and when it comes back kick in a 90 degree direction right away. This simulates finishing a cross or making a first-touch pass. As you progress, try dealing with uncomfortable and lofted balls.


7. Play the ball off the wall and as it returns control it and turn 180 degrees. Keep the ball as close to your body as possible. After completing the turn, shoot the ball at a target located in the opposite direction of the wall.


8. Stand with your back towards the wall. Toss the ball up or over your head, turn and volley it at the wall.


9. Kick the ball against the wall, settle it as quickly as possible and dribble squarely for a few meters. Then repeat in the other direction. This is similar to Drill 2 except that you don't need to check to the ball as the emphasis here is on turning. Make sure you apply different surfaces of the foot at first touch.





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