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Part II: Teamwork

Soccer is a game with room for individual expression and creativity within the team. You see those moments in a match now and then, a bit of individual brilliance. A big save, a dribble that beats an opponent and goes to goal, a crucial tackle, a clearance off the line or a breathtaking goal; those moments of great individual play standout in soccer. They are all part of the bigger picture, which is team play.

Teamwork is part of what makes a team sport fun to play and watch. There is great satisfaction when you and a teammate pull off a certain play together. Do things in a match for your teammates that you would like them to do for you. Encourage your teammates, especially when they make a mistake. You can lift their confidence and help get them back in the game. It may take a lot of hard work and sweat, but it helps your team do its best. Being a team player is important and you can be an impact player too.


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