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Part IV: The Lineup

Soccer teams have a basic formation to play the game. That formation is divided into four lines, the goalkeeper, fullbacks, midfielders and forwards. There is only one goalkeeper, but the number of fullbacks, midfielders and forwards can change. The difference may be due to the age group and the number of players on the field for each team, it can also vary because of different formations.

Soccer savvy players can play different positions in a variation of formations. That versatility will make you quite a valuable player to many teams. In fact, US Youth Soccer recommends that players get exposed to playing all of the positions on a team up to age 14. Whatever lineup your team uses the basic idea is for you to be able to help your teammates near you on offense and defense and for them to help you too.

If you are in the starting lineup for today’s match then you have the responsibility to be ready physically and mentally. Arrive at the field ready to warm up and get focused. As you warm-up, in your mind picture yourself doing good things in the match. See yourself being skillful, confident and helping your teammates on offense and defense.

If you start off today’s match as a substitute, then do your best to help the starters get ready. You too need to play the game in your mind so you can be ready when your playing time comes. Once the match begins, watch closely to see how the other team plays, then you can be ready to go in and help your teammates anywhere on the field. To do all of these things takes a positive attitude and self-confidence.






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