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Part V: Training Session and Practice

Player’s Guide called On Your Own. The training session is where your teammates and you can improve your teamwork and gain a better understanding of the game. The training session is when you learn new things from your coach and can try those things on your own.

If you want it to all come together in a match, then what you do before the match is crucial. This means good training sessions and practice. You get out of practice and training what you put into them. If you give your best at those times then the payoff for that hard work will be your performance in matches.

You should come to training sessions with an alert mind to learn new things. The attitude to try new skills and tactics is very important to becoming your best. You can be challenged at training to push yourself by your coaches and your teammates. Take on that challenge and you’ll find your game getting better and better.
Be a team leader. Before a team training session, challenge your teammates to a game like Warp Speed.

Warp Speed is a group juggling activity to help focus on problem-solving and teamwork.
• It extends the common name game to a team building exercise by asking
players how fast they can pass the ball to each teammate. This includes saying
their teammate’s names. Predict a time and try to deliver.
• Check yourselves; was your prediction too fast or too slow? Try to figure
out what you can improve upon and then make a more accurate prediction.
• Push yourselves to go even faster. The more accurate your passes are,
the closer you get to Warp Speed.

Practice on your own or with a friend or two and try out new skills. This is the time to experiment and become comfortable with the ball. Practice can also be a good time to improve your personal fitness.


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