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Part X: Fair Play

Without an opponent you do not have a match. The other team is crucial to having the chance to see how well you play and how you can improve. The opposing team is not the enemy. They are players like you who love the game. Show respect for your fellow players before, during and after the match; when the match is over shake hands in a sincere way. These gesture shows class on your part and your respect for the game. Don’t hesitate to shake hands with the opposing coaches and the game officials too. They all give to the game just like you. Remember you are setting the right example for the fans too.

Tips on How to Set a Good Example:
  • Strive to maintain integrity within soccer.
  • Know and follow the Laws of the Game.
  • Play and practice in the spirit of cooperation with opponents, officials, administrators, coaches and spectators.
  • Be a positive role model to younger players.
  • Say no to drugs and alcohol.
  • Beat opponents by skill and not by unfair methods.
  • Keep your composure at all times and do not retaliate; this is a key component to becoming a top-level player.
  • Do not overact when your team scores a goal.
  • Learn to win and lose graciously.

Be sure to check out the FIFA Fair Play Code at: 

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