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Recreational Program

In San Marcos Youth Soccer we have recreational programs and  competitive programs.  Our primary program is recreational and we sometimes get questions to what that means exactly.  Well according to US Youth Soccer which is the goverening body for Cal South in which we are a member, it states:

recreational league” means an intraclub league in which—

(A) the use of tryouts, invitations, recruiting, or any similar process to roster players to any team on the basis of talent or ability is prohibited;

(B) the club administering the league accepts as participants in the league any     eligible youths (subject to reasonable terms on registration);

(C) a system or rostering players is used to establish a fair or balanced  distribution of playing talent among all teams participating; and

(D) league rules require that each player must play at least one-half of each game except for reasons of injury, illness, or discipline.





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