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2014 Playoff Standings

pdficon small Boys Under 9 (BU09)


pdficon small Girls Under 9 (GU09)


pdficon small Boys Under 10 (BU10)


pdficon small Girls Under 10 (GU10)


pdficon small Boys Under 12 (BU12) Coming Soon


pdficon small Girls Under 12 (GU12) Coming Soon


pdficon small Boys Under 15 (BU15)


pdficon small Girls Under 15 (GU15)








2014 Playoff Schedules

All Playoff Schedules are now posted at: 


SMYS Playoff Guidelines 2014

Play Off Point System: Pool Play Games

  • Win = 6 points
  • Tie = 3 points
  • Shut-Out = 1 point (a 0-0 tie is not considered a shut-out)
  • Each Goal = 1 point (3 points max)
  • Four-Goal Differential = 1 point deduction
  • Eight-Goal Differential = 1 point deduction
  • Yellow Card = 1 point deduction for 2 yellow cards accumulated
  • Red Card = 1 point deduction for each red card (and player misses next game)
  • Tie Breakers:
    • Head to Head in Playoffs (if applicable)
    • Least Goals Allowed
    • Higher Seed

Length of game:

  • Pool Play and Finals:
    • U09 / U10: regulation time, 50 minutes
    • U12: regulation time, 60 minutes
    • U15: regulation time, 70 minutes

Tie Games:

  • Pool play:
    • No overtime or shoot-out – game can end in a tie.
  • Semi-Final and Finals:
    • Extra Time: Teams will play two (2) full five minute periods (not sudden victory). Free substitutions in all divisions are allowed in overtime periods.
    • Shots from the penalty mark: if score is still tied at the end of extra time:
      • Five players from each team will be chosen from the players on the field at the end of play to take shots from the mark – coach will provide player numbers to Asst Referee. The Goalkeeper must be a player on the field but does not need to be the goalkeeper at the end of extra time.
      • Teams will alternate shots
      • First team to shoot will be determined by a coin toss
      • Team with most goals after 5 kicks is determined the winner
      • If no winner is determined, teams will go to Round 2 with five new players that were on the field at the end of play. Round 2 is sudden victory. For u09 & u10 where only 8 players are on the field, players from round 1 can shoot again after all field players have taken a turn.
      • Spectators must remain in spectator area on touchline
      • Players from both teams will meet at center circle – shooters will wait outside of the circle in the direction of the goal being shot at.
      • Players not kicking and coaches shall gather at center circle




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