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Question: Clearly, a coach could theoretically protest any game, but does the USSF offer any guidelines to leagues regarding what might make a game truly "protestable?"
Or to re-word it: What type of referee errors might be grievous enough to result in a protested match being replayed?
We have differing schools of thought. Some here would say that any misapplication of the law, such as an incorrect restart, would qualify.
Others would pose that the error must directly impact the outcome of the game, for example, not allowing a goal scored from a corner would be a referee misapplication of the Law which directly impacts the outcome. Whereas, awarding a corner kick when it should have been a throw-in, and then the corner results in a goal, would be an indirect impact. The players had the opportunity to mediate that misapplication of the Law.
Of course, leagues prefer not to incur the expense of replaying any games at all. That financial concern aside - are there any guidelines for how a coach or league board might determine if a protest is worthy on the basis of the referee's performance alone?
Answer: There are no national standards for protesting the result of the game and the acts of the referee. Traditionally there is only one reason to protest the decision of the referee, and that is solely for a decision that is counter to the Laws of the Game. In other words, a situation where misapplying the Laws does indeed affect the game or where a referee clearly sets aside one of the Laws of the Game.. There can be no protest on a matter of referee judgment.
Equally traditionally, many protest committees pay no attention to the facts of the case, no matter how rationally reasoned and presented.

Cal South E-News | April 2012 REFEREE EDUCATION | April 20, 2012

Quick Notes on Players

  • Shin guards are required at all practices and games.
  • It is very important that players, boys and girls both remove their jewelry before and during  practices and  games!  Some examples: earrings, necklaces, bracelets,  NO exceptions are allowed, this is for the safety of all players.
  • Sunglasses are not allowed except for medical prescriptions.  We recommend the use of sports glasses.
  • Casts of any sort are not allowed in play at practices or games.  You must get a signed release from the players Doctor or legal guardian before the player returns to play.
  • If a player is bleeding or has blood on themselves or on their uniforms, players will not be allowed on the field of play. 


pdficon small 2013 Team Parent Handbook

What should a Team Contact List have

Here is what you will need to create your team contact list:
  • Coaches name’, telephone, email address
  • Assistant  Coaches’ name, telephone, email address
  • Team Parent’s name, telephone, email address
  • Player’s name
  • Parents names  
    • Phone numbers – home & cell (optional) 
    • Email Addresses (optional)
Hand out a copy to all players and coaches.  You may want to have a couple of extra copies available just 
in case.

Keep Parents Informed

During the season, it is important that you keep your player’s parents informed.  Having a reliable team contact list helps!  You, the Team Parent, will be the primary team contact.  Updates will be emailed to you so please make sure we have your email address.  Update should be shared with your team.   It is your responsibility to inform your team and prepare them for all upcoming soccer events such as snack day, concessions and picture day.

You should also help the coach set a positive tone for the team.  Remind parents that coaches coach and parents cheer.  Remind them to be courteous to the referees, and pick up trash after practices and games.

Remember this is all about the kids having fun.

Team Pictures

Picture forms will be available one week before and on the day of picture day and will need to be filled out regardless if you are or are not purchasing additional photos.  Your scheduled picture time will be posted on the SMYS website, and team parents will receive an email informing you of your scheduled picture time.  Your entire team must be there in full uniform (except shin guards) and ready to go 30 minutes before your scheduled time! 

Coaches, team parents, and sponsors (if they choose to participate) are included in the team picture.  Be ready, wear your team colors or team shirt, and smile!

Picture packets:

  • 3”x5” individual photo
  • (1)3” button photo
  • (4) Wallets
  • 5”x7” team photo
  • Folder with league name and date

You do have the option of purchasing additional photos.  Magazine covers, buddy pictures, trading cards, posters, etc… will be available to purchase on picture day from the photographer.  Parent must fill out an additional form for additional photos.

Pictures will be distributed within 4-6 weeks after picture day. 

End of the season party

It is up to you and your team to decide if and where you choose to have your team party. A great way to the end the season is with a team party. Some prefer to have their party at a restaurant, have a potluck at a team member's home, or order a couple of pizzas and meet at the park. Talk to your team and decide what works best for you. If your sponsor is a restaurant, you might want to have the team party there to show your support. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you split the cost among all your team members.

This is also a great opportunity to thank your coach/asst. coach. Remember that they have spent a great deal of time over the last 12 weeks support the team and players. Purchasing a gift is not required! If you do choose to purchase a gift(s), again, please divide the cost among your team. Please keep in mind that some players may be on a very tight budget

pdficon small 2012 Team Parent Handbook

Skills Video Reference Library

Skills Video Reference Library


Target Age
Setting Up The Practice Area Coaches
Push Pass - US Youth Soccer Skills School All Ages
Soccer Golf - US Youth Soccer Back Yard Games All Ages
Wall Ball - US Youth Soccer Back Yard Games All Ages
Bricks - US Youth Soccer Back Yard Games All Ages
2008-Dax McCarty v Michael Dello-Russo in soccer golf All Ages
Shielding - US Youth Soccer Skills School All Ages
Block Tackle - US Youth Soccer Skills School All Ages
Juggling - US Youth Soccer Skills School All Ages
In Step Drive, Shooting at Goal - US Youth Soccer Quick Tips All Ages
Dribbling for Control - US Youth Soccer Quick Tips All Ages
Receiving Ground Balls - US Youth Soccer Quick Tips All Ages
Receiving the Ball off the Bounce with the Inside of the Foot - US Youth Soccer Skills School (u10-14)
Receiving the Ball off the Bounce with the Sole of the Foot - US Youth Soccer Skills School
Wedge Trap - US Youth Soccer Skills School (u10-14)
How to Defend - US Youth Soccer Quick Tips (u10-14)
Crossing - US Youth Soccer Skills School (u10-u14)
US Youth Soccer Skills School - Cross Over Heel Pass (u10-u14)
US Youth Soccer Skills School - Heel Pass (u10-u14)
Dribbling to Create the Shot - US Youth Soccer Quick Tips (u10-u14)
Volley - US Youth Soccer Quick Tips (u10-u14)
First Touch - US Youth Soccer Quick Tips (u10-u14)
Goal Keeper Punting - US Youth Soccer Skills School (u10-u14)
2nd Defender - US Youth Soccer Quick Tips (u10-u14)
Volley Pass with the Instep - US Youth Soccer Skills School (u12-u14)
Volley Pass with Inside of the Foot - US Youth Soccer Skills School (u12-u14)
Chipping - US Youth Soccer Skills School (u12-u14)
Bending the Pass (Outside of Foot) - US Youth Soccer Skills School (u12-u14)
Bending the Pass (Inside of foot) - US Youth Soccer Skills School (u12-u14)
US Youth Soccer Quick Tips - Heading (u12-u14)
Take Over - US Youth Soccer Quick Tips (u12-u14)
Drag - US Youth Soccer Quick Tips (u12-u14)

Coach Information

Thank you for volunteering to be a coach for the youth of San Marcos. Your time and dedication are greatly appreciated. Your players will remember you long into their adulthood and some may even model their coaching style after you.

Coaching Requirements:

  • Agree to and follow the Coaches Code of Conduct
  • LiveScan registration on file with Cal South
  • Appropiate level of licensing
    • Recreation - for 2015 Fall Season coaches are required to have a Youth Module 1 or Youth Module 3 or F License.  
    • Competitive - E License or greater
  • Attendance of the Coaching meeting at the start of the season
  • Coaching meetings


If you have any coaching questions, please contact the Director of Coaching at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Keeping it competitive and fun

  • Coaches should make every effort to keep the game competitive but NOT dangerous.
  • Coaches are responsible for their actions, and also the actions of their players, parents, and sidelines during a game! Abusive behavior will not be tolerated.

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