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Director of Team Parents

The Director of Team Parents will be the liaison between the recreational teams and the Board Members for all questions, inquiries, and resolutions to insure that the SMYS Principles and by-laws are being used instrumentally throughout all teams.  He will distribute information to the team parents on upcoming events, pertinent information, and resources necessary to assist the team parents, coaches, and players in following the policies and procedures for SMYS..

He will provide a monthly verbal report on any pertinent information to the Board regarding any issues or concerns expressed from Team Parents.

Director of Recreation Programs

The Director of Recreation Programs shall be the liaison between the Board of Directors and Divisional Coordinators, and is responsible for the day-to-day operation of all recreation programs.  Recreation programs include, but are not limited to, team formation, player evaluations, coach recruitment, league playoffs, post season tournaments and rules of play.  He shall have the following responsibilities:

  1. Communicate the objectives of the SMYS Recreational program to the Members and Divisional Coordinators and work them to promote the Five Principles of Play. 
  2. Responsible for handling the general activities within the respective age divisions pertaining to recreational play. 
  3. Shall be responsible for the recruitment and placement of team coaches.  He may delegate recruitment and placement responsibilities to appropriate Divisional Coordinators. 
  4. Will be responsible for creating team rosters in a fair and equivalent manner.
  5. Will be responsible for the scheduling or rescheduling of games in his age divisions. 
  6. Will be the escalation path for complaints originating from his divisions.
  7. Shall submit a recommendation to establish, revise and/or amend the Rules and Regulations pertaining to the age divisions U05 – U19.

Director of Purchasing

The Director of Purchasing is the primary person to coordinate and purchase SMYS’s uniforms, field equipment, arrange Team Pictures, and awards/trophies.  He shall adhere to the Policies and Procedures and coordinate with Cal South to insure the uniform specifics and other purchases meet the requirements of Cal South.  He shall assist the Board in facilitation of the annual budget as it pertains to purchasing of field equipment, uniforms, team pictures, awards/trophies and any other purchases as needed by the Board.  He will provide monthly reports to the Board on any purchases.

Director of Sponsorship & Marketing

The Director of Sponsorship and Marketing will be the liaison and promote the SMYS mission statement to organizations that sponsor SMYS and public relations to include the media.  He will connect SMYS teams with our partners and sponsors in the community.  SMYS encourages communication and cooperation between parents, coaches, referees, SMYS board members and our partners in the community to ensure that youth receive the best possible physical, mental, and social sports education.

The Director of Sponsorship and Marketing will compose articles and editorials for submission, along with photographs, to the media to include but not limited to local newspapers, Cal South, and the television media.  Articles to include about soccer training, coach training, referee training, and other CAL SOUTH sponsored soccer events, including core and arena games.

He will provide monthly reports to the Board of Directors on upcoming media events and a financial report on sponsorships acquired.

Director of Registration

The Director of Registration shall be provided with appropriate tools to complete the services of registration and be a voting Member of the Board. The Director of Registration must be able to pass CAL SOUTH registrar and risk management certifications. The Director of Registration shall provide the following services exclusively for the SMYS:

  1. 1.Register all SMYS players, coaches and administrators and maintain CAL SOUTH member accounts/records current for SMYS.
  2. 2.Attend all SMYS registration sessions and assist with player placement.
  3. 3.Respond to all telephone messages left by concerned or inquiring parties pertaining to the registration of players.
  4. 4.Attend SMYS Board meetings.
  5. 5.Attend all CAL SOUTH meetings pertaining to the registration of players and administrators.
  6. 6.Provide player and administrator cards for those players and coaches needing them.
  7. 7.Maintain an open line of communication with the Board of Directors, SMYS staff and CAL SOUTH Board of Directors and staff.
  8. 8.Act as a resource for coaches needing temporary or new player cards or other player registration or transfer information.

Submit a schedule of posted office hours.

Director of Referees

The Director of Referees shall insure that an adequate number of active USSF Certified, or equivalent, referees are available for all games. He shall provide for the education, training, supervision and scheduling of the referees. He shall insure that all equipment and fields meet the standards of the SMYS and CAL SOUTH Playing Rules. He shall be the Chairman of the Playing Rules Committee and be generally responsible for the development and welfare of the referees within the framework of the Corporation's Rules and Regulations. He shall be a duly certified USSF Referee and USSF Assignor or equivalent. 

Director of Coaching

The Director of Coaching shall insure that a screening process is established for the final selection of team managers and coaches. He shall be responsible for the education and training of the coaches within the framework of the Corporation's Rules and Regulations. Organize and administer tryouts and coaching events and player clinics.  Develop an “Ongoing Education Incentive Program” for coaches. Create a library of books, videos, and articles for all the team coaches and players.  Design a player, coach evaluation and feedback program. Design a Player and Coaching Development Manual.

Chief Financial Officer

The Chief Financial Officer shall keep and maintain, or cause to be kept and maintained, adequate and correct books and records of accounts of the properties and business transactions of the Corporation, including accounts of its assets, liabilities, receipts, disbursements, gains, losses, capital, surplus and any accounts. The books or accounts shall be, at all reasonable times, open to inspection of any Director.

The Chief Financial Officer shall (a) prepare financial statements on a monthly basis for the Board of Directors and (b) assist the Board in establishing a proposed yearly budget prior to the Orientation Meeting.

The Chief Financial Officer or designee shall deposit all monies and other valuables in the name and to the credit of the Corporation with such depositories as may be designated by the Board of Directors. He shall disburse funds of the Corporation, as may be ordered by the Board of Directors; shall render to the President and Directors, whenever they request it, an account of his transactions as Chief Financial Officer and of the financial condition of the Corporation, and shall have such other powers and perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the Board of Directors or by these Bylaws. He shall arrange for and submit all records for an annual audit. A petty cash shall be allowed with the approval of the Board of Directors. He shall be bonded by an appropriate institution with the bonding being paid for by the Corporation. The Chief Financial Officer cannot have direct control over the operation of the SMYS fundraising activities.

Executive Administrator

The Executive Administrator shall keep a record of the proceeding of the Board of Directors and of the members and Directors. He shall keep the Corporate Seal. He shall be responsible for safekeeping of all valuable documents of the Corporation. He may be cosigner on checks of the Corporation. He shall serve all notices required by law or the Bylaws of the Corporation, and in case of his absence, refusal or inability to act; his duties may be performed by any person whom the Board of Directors may direct. He shall provide a proposed agenda to each Director no less than two days before a Regular and General Meeting.

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