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About Us

Dear Soccer Friends,

Thank you for visiting our website.  San Marcos Yout Soccer is dedicated to providing the best youth soccer program in North County.

The specific purpose of this organization is to provide the people of the city of San Marcos, and its neighboring communities, the game of soccer, youth activities and special projects, which will help to develop good character and physical wellness while promoting respect for others, and a sense of community involvement.

Our Mission...

"San Marcos Youth Soccer provides a locally managed program that offers recreational, social and physical development for children of all ages regardless of skill level and financial ability. SMYS encourages and promotes teamwork, player and volunteer development and community involvement through participation in our athletic programs"

San Marcos Youth Soccer (SMYS) is a locally run non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation formed by dedicated volunteers from the San Marcos Community.

With years of local experience and know how, our mission is to provide a family oriented soccer program that meets the needs of local players. A key difference in our program is that we are locally run and operated, as opposed to being governed by a National Organization. Our focus is the local players.

San Marcos Youth Soccer Organization runs an all-volunteer program.  This means that all coaches, referees or administrators are not paid for their volunteerism. 
We recognize and appreciate all of our volunteers as outstanding citizens of the community – Community Heroes - and treat them accordingly.

Without the volunteers, the kids can't play soccer.

We thank you for the opportunity to provide youth soccer in San Marcos.

Mailing Address
San Marcos Youth Soccer P.O. Box 627
San Marcos, CA 92079-0627
Tel: 760-621-0650
Fax: 760-621-3243

District Honoree Award

Cal South Honoree AwardSan Marcos Youth Soccer was recently recognized as a CalSouth District-2 Honoree for the league's outstanding contribution to youth soccer in the north county. The award was presented at the CalSouth Awards Banquet held at the Soccer Nation Expo on February 25th. Congratulations to all of the hardworking volunteers that have contributed to the success of SMYS over the past year. This local league for local families is lucky to have the support of such caring and dedicated people.

Happy Anniversary SMYS!

MM900336545About one year ago, a group of about ten people got together and decided to form a new soccer league that would focus on the needs and desires of the local soccer community. That league became San Marcos Youth Soccer and what a year it has been! Since then, we have had over 1450 kids join our program.


2013 Candidates

Presenting the candidates for the 2013 Board of Directors.  

Position Candidate
President John Gomez
  Bio: Incumbent and founding member. Class E Coach, Grade 8 USSF Referee.
Vice President OPEN
Chief Financial Officer Scott Yeaman
  Bio: Incumbent and founding member. Class E Coach, Grade 8 USSF Referee
Executive Administrator Linda Latimer
  Bio:The qualifications I bring are those that support and accent the Executive Administrator.  As an officer of the Court  - integrity and professionalism.  I am an Executive Administrator during the course of my daily job, taking minutes, tracking records of confidential nature, tracking and depositing of monies and expenditures.  I have held various responsibilities of an Executive Director throughout my 29 year tenure of employment.  I have volunteered for many years with various non-profit  organizations holding the title of Chair (President), Treasurer, Executive Administrator and Record Keeper, just to name a few besides Director of Very Important Players holding the responsibility of refereeing games and fundraising to pay for the end of the year soccer season party.  I am currently on the Board of Directors for San Marcos Youth Soccer as Risk Management and Volunteer for Walnut Grove Field Crew.  I am one of the few dedicated volunteers who stood behind and transpired San Marcos Youth Soccer for what it stands for, a local youth soccer program to promote athletes and for what the program is today, a successful and largest youth soccer program in San Marcos, CA.  I am aware of the commitments of the Executive Administrator and strongly believe I possess the skills and qualifications for the position.
Director of Recreation Programs Sharyl Cavellier
Director of Registration  Marlene Abre-Simmons
  Bio: Incumbent and founding member. Class E Coach, Certified Registrar
Director of Coaching David Aguilar
  Bio: Incumbent and founding member. Class E Coach, Grade 8 USSF Referee, Certified Trainer
Director of Referees Ted Kubasak
  Bio: Incumbent and founding member. Grade 8 USSF Referee, Coach
Director of Risk Management  OPEN
Director of Sponsorship / Marketing Rose Lemus
  Bio: Incumbent and founding member.
Director of Team Parents Kim Myles Capezzone
  Bio: My name is Kim Myles Capezzone.  I am a stay-at-home mom of four children.  Before becoming a mom I was an engineer and instructor at a vocational college in Silicon Valley.  Never one for being idle, I have always stayed busy and have had many leadership positions that have utilized my organization and communication skills.  I co-founded and coordinated a neighborhood playgroup with over 30 families.  I have coordinated and served on youth, preschool, and parent group boards.  And most importantly, I have been a team parent for over 5 years, as my children have participated in soccer, basketball, baseball, and cheerleading sports leagues.  Currently, I am the team parent for two of my children’s teams during the SMYS Fall Season.   Through my many years of experience, I have seen what works and what doesn’t work as a team parent.  I love being part of an organization that is beneficial to children’s health and well being, and I love to help others in making their own volunteer experiences as easy and enjoyable as possible.  I will bring my diverse background and previous experience to the position of Director of Team Parents.   
Director of Purchasing Vanessa Elders
  Bio: Incumbent

Director of Competitive Programs

The Director of Competitive Programs shall be the liaison between the Competitive Programs committee, Cal South gaming circuits, Presidio League and SMYS. He shall submit a recommendation to establish, revise and/or amend the Rules and Regulations of the Competitive Programs committee. He shall bring before the Board of Directors for approval all recommendations regarding coaches, team managers, trainers and any other subjects already approved by the Competitive Programs committee. He shall communicate the objectives of the SMYS program to the Members and work in “good faith” with the coaches and players of the recreational and Signature League programs to support the development of SMYS players and coaches thus improving their knowledge and skills as it relates to the game of soccer.

He shall present, as required by the Board of Directors, a financial report on every team of the Competitive Play committee. This report shall be presented to the Board of Directors at a Regular Meeting in June or July. He shall be elected by members of a Competitive Play committee and approved by the Board of Directors of the Corporation at the first Regular Meeting following the AGM.

Director of Risk Management & Safety

The Director of Risk Management shall be responsible for insuring that all Members of the corporation (players, volunteers and parents) are participating in a program that is fundamentally respectful of their physical, mental and emotional needs. He shall insure that all volunteers associated with SMYS will be trained in the Cal South “KidSafe” program and that all volunteers are approved by Live Scan for the position for which they are volunteering. As part of this responsibility, he will be the primary contact with Cal South’s Risk Management program and he will work with other directors to insure that all recruited volunteers get the appropriate training and Live Scan.

The Director of Risk Management & Safety will register all coaches and administrators into CORIS and will provide monthly verbal reports to the Board on all relevant issues.

He shall insure that SMYS adheres to the SMYS policies and procedures, bylaws, designated manuals, and Cal South policies and procedures and bylaws.  He shall develop and communicate with the Field & Equipment Coordinator to inspect and report any areas of concern to insure field equipment complies with said policies and procedures.  He shall develop and communicate with the Director of Team Parents and Director of Coaching to help provide safety awareness to the team parents and coaches.  He shall be provided with  appropriate tools to maintain copies of said policies and procedures and produce updates as needed for the Board and SMYS members.  He will routinely research and review said policies and manuals to insure that SMYS is in compliance and provide a verbal report to the Board on a monthly basis.

Director of Team Parents

The Director of Team Parents will be the liaison between the recreational teams and the Board Members for all questions, inquiries, and resolutions to insure that the SMYS Principles and by-laws are being used instrumentally throughout all teams.  He will distribute information to the team parents on upcoming events, pertinent information, and resources necessary to assist the team parents, coaches, and players in following the policies and procedures for SMYS..

He will provide a monthly verbal report on any pertinent information to the Board regarding any issues or concerns expressed from Team Parents.

Director of Recreation Programs

The Director of Recreation Programs shall be the liaison between the Board of Directors and Divisional Coordinators, and is responsible for the day-to-day operation of all recreation programs.  Recreation programs include, but are not limited to, team formation, player evaluations, coach recruitment, league playoffs, post season tournaments and rules of play.  He shall have the following responsibilities:

  1. Communicate the objectives of the SMYS Recreational program to the Members and Divisional Coordinators and work them to promote the Five Principles of Play. 
  2. Responsible for handling the general activities within the respective age divisions pertaining to recreational play. 
  3. Shall be responsible for the recruitment and placement of team coaches.  He may delegate recruitment and placement responsibilities to appropriate Divisional Coordinators. 
  4. Will be responsible for creating team rosters in a fair and equivalent manner.
  5. Will be responsible for the scheduling or rescheduling of games in his age divisions. 
  6. Will be the escalation path for complaints originating from his divisions.
  7. Shall submit a recommendation to establish, revise and/or amend the Rules and Regulations pertaining to the age divisions U05 – U19.

Director of Purchasing

The Director of Purchasing is the primary person to coordinate and purchase SMYS’s uniforms, field equipment, arrange Team Pictures, and awards/trophies.  He shall adhere to the Policies and Procedures and coordinate with Cal South to insure the uniform specifics and other purchases meet the requirements of Cal South.  He shall assist the Board in facilitation of the annual budget as it pertains to purchasing of field equipment, uniforms, team pictures, awards/trophies and any other purchases as needed by the Board.  He will provide monthly reports to the Board on any purchases.

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