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Questions About Your Registration?

Here are some commonly asked questions from parents that are new to organized sports and soccer.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">

ball WHEN WILL MY CHILD GET A CALL?  Your child will actually get an email from the League when rosters are released to the coaches.  The email will have your child’s team information.  This will happen the last week of July.

ball WHEN DO THE COACHES GET THEIR TEAMS?  Coaches will receive their teams at the same time rosters are released (the last week of July).  They will receive a coaches' packet at the pre-season coaches' meeting and will start making phone calls and sending emails with practice information.

ball WHEN DO PRACTICES BEGIN?  Practices will begin the first week of August for our Fall program and coaches will contact their players with practice information.  There are no practices for our Winter and Spring Arena season.

ball HOW OFTEN ARE PRACTICES? Teams typically practice 1, 2, or 3 times per week – depending on the age group.  Younger divisions might practice twice per week until games begin, at which time they might go to once per week.  But it is up to the coach and the flexibility of the players.

ball WHERE ARE PRACTICES?  Practices are held at League approved parks and schools as allocated by the City of San Marcos.  Your child’s coach will decide at which field your practices will be.

ball WHAT EQUIPMENT DOES MY CHILD NEED?  Shin guards are required to play soccer.  Socks must cover the entire shin guard.  Soccer shoes (cleats) are not required but are recommended – especially at the older divisions.  Football and baseball cleats are NOT allowed in soccer – so double check before you make a purchase.  Shin guards are required at all practices and games.


      • 2017 Fall Season: August 19th through November 4th (10-game season)

ball HOW OFTEN ARE GAMES?  Games are played on Saturdays.  Depending on number of teams and field space, some older division teams in the Fall Season may play a weeknight game.

ball WHERE ARE GAMES PLAYED?  Arena Games are played at Sunset and Bradley Parks.  The Fall Season games are played at Walnut Grove Park (north and south field).  Some older division teams will also play at Palomar College.

ball CAN MY KIDS BE ON THE SAME TEAM AS THEIR FRIENDS?  We attempt to honor one friend request for each player in the Arena Seasons, but there are no guarantees.  We also try to honor at least one friend request in the U05, U06, U07, and U08 divisions in the fall.  In order to enable us to create fair and balanced teams, we do not take friend requests for u10 and older divisions.

ball DOES MY CHILD NEED TO BE EVALUATED?  U10 - u14 fall players that are new to the league will be evaluated before the start of the season.  Returning players should have an evaluation rating from their coach from the previous season.  U05 - U08 players do not need to be evaluated.  There are no evaluations for the arena season - only fall.  Evaluations are used to create balanced teams in each division.





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