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Responsibilities and Expectations


General Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Agree to and follow the Coaches Code of Conduct
  • No smoking around the players or at the field – You are their role model!
  • Have all player registration forms during all practices and games.
  • Remind players to always bring water to help maintain good hydration
  • Check the field for proper equipment and or hazardous items before practice and games.
  • Rings, jewelry (earrings for girls) and watches may not be worn during practices and games. The most important thing at all times is SAFETY.
  • Be on time for practices and arrive early before game time.
  • Have your practice sessions and game planned in advance (pre-game instructions, substitutions, etc.
  • Make sure each player is played at least 75% of every game. (this is mandatory)
  • Encourage and be positive in correcting faults.
  • Know your emergency procedures. You MUST carry the original signed copy of the players' medical release forms, because the paramedics will not treat a player without the original signature of the parents.
  • Delegate jobs! Parents MUST volunteer or you'll get burned out as a coach!! ( You need to delegate an assistant coach, team mom and a team referee).
  • Make sure each parent signs the Parent Pledge, one copy for you and the original to the league
  • Be courteous to the referee's.
  • Organize the appointment of a team parent. (Duties below)
  • Know the LAWS of the game (make sure you know the rules). (VARY BY AGE)
  • Attend coach clinics, coach meetings and orientations.
  • Be courteous to the other coaches. If you use the same field location every week and then decide to change your field location one day, please remember that you might be impeding on someone else's space. You could be taking over their field location and causing them loss of practice time.




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